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Our Aerospace Medical Center (Aero Medical Center/AeMC) was authorized indefinitely by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in 2017 for conducting health examinations of aviation personnel (Pilots, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers, Air Traffic Controllers, DHMP…). Flight health examinations are conducted in accordance with the criteria of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). According to regulations, our center has two authorized aviation medical examiners (AeMC President and Authorized Flight Examiner) who work full-time. Examinations and processes

Examinations are conducted by a board. The board consists of specialists in Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology, and Psychiatry under the chairmanship of the Aviation Examiner. According to DGCA and EASA regulations, specific blood tests and necessary additional examinations (audiogram, EKG, visual field, or respiratory function test) are conducted. After the Health Board evaluation, your certificate is prepared. Types of flight medical examinations conducted

Initial entry (University Entrance/Personnel related to Aviation/Airlines) first health examinations. Initial (employment) health examinations. Periodic Health Examinations. Extended Health Examinations. SDM (Special Case Health Examinations). Appeal examinations in certain specialty branches. Our Team

AeMC President (Authorized Flight Examiner) Authorized Flight Examiner AeMC Coordinator AeMC assistants Appointments:

Appointments can be made by phone at 0212 411 39 00 extension: 1105 and via email ( Your appointment is not confirmed until confirmed with our center. Please make an appointment at least 1 day in advance. Initial and Periodic Examination Processes

Those who do not make an appointment in advance will not be admitted. Those who are THY personnel will not be admitted without referral from THY. Be at the unit with at least 8 hours of fasting between 08:00-08:30 in the morning. You can benefit from our free valet service. Records are taken (2 Photos, ID Card, last valid health certificate in PM is required). Blood and urine samples are given (usually test results are available 2 hours later). Breakfast is served (complimentary). Meanwhile, examinations and procedures independent of test results are started. If the results and examinations are normal, the examination is completed. Usually, your procedures will be completed around 12:00-13:00 on the same day, and you will receive your health certificate. If abnormal results are found in the tests and there is suspicion of illness, additional tests and examinations are performed. Procedures may be extended and may be postponed until the next day. Special Circumstances and Appeal Examination Processes:

An appointment must be made in advance. All old-new films, tests, reports, and epics related to the disease must be brought. ID, Health certificate, and 2 photos must be brought. After the examination by the relevant specialist physician, a decision is made about your illness and flight eligibility by the Aviation Examiner evaluation. Fees:

2023 Aviation Examination Base Price Information Useful links for more information: Regulations (DGCA, EASA, ICAO, Annexes) Types of flight examinations and procedures for tests, examinations, and other procedures to be performed How Long are Health Certificates Valid? Can Appeals be Made for Examinations? What are the Stages? What are the Temporary Medical Flight Restrictions? HUTP ( EASA ( EASA ( Contact Information:

Old London Road Beşyol Neighborhood NO: 10 Florya / Istanbul

Phone Number: 0212 411 39 00 (Extension: 1105)

Call Center: 444 8 276 (BRN)


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