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Biochemistry Laboratory

All the work carried out in our Biochemistry and Microbiology laboratory adheres to international standards and is conducted under the supervision of expert physicians and with state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Embracing the concept of the most accurate diagnosis and treatment, we perform various body analyses from samples such as blood, urine, and stool to monitor the effectiveness and side effects of treatments.

In our Biochemistry and Microbiology laboratory, guiding tests are applied for the diagnosis and treatment of various other infectious diseases using body fluid and tissue samples obtained from patients.

In our biochemistry laboratory, where a multidisciplinary approach is adopted, we provide accurate and reliable determination of the nature of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and various types of infections. With our integrated treatment approach, we offer a comprehensive view of diseases by collaborating with all other medical disciplines.

Procedures Performed in Our Biochemistry Laboratory;

  • ASO
  • CRP
  • RF
  • HIV Tests
  • Blood Type
  • Pregnancy Test Hepatitis
  • Hormone Tests
  • Liver and Kidney Function Tests
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