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Emergency Medicine

The unit that provides emergency healthcare services to patients in need of urgent medical assistance in hospitals is called the “Emergency Department” or “Emergency Room.”

The Emergency Department of Biruni University Hospital provides uninterrupted service 24 hours a day with its experienced and dynamic team for patients experiencing emergency health problems. During the daytime, all branches available in the hospital support the Emergency Department, while at night, it is supported by specialists in anesthesia, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, and radiology who are on duty in their own departments within the hospital. Additionally, physicians from other specialties can be called to the Emergency Department when necessary, providing emergency consultations within a very short period.

Equipped with modern medical devices meeting international standards, the Emergency Department has a total of 11 observation rooms, including 6 for adults and 5 for children, where patients receive initial treatment and observation. In addition to these observation rooms, there are specific areas within the Emergency Department, including trauma, resuscitation, triage, intervention rooms, and doctor examination rooms.
In the resuscitation room, interventions are performed to help individuals whose breathing or circulation has ceased return to life.

In the triage room, patients are classified based on the severity of their injuries, and treatment priorities are determined. Triage is particularly crucial in mass casualty incidents.

At Biruni University Hospital’s Emergency Department, all types of laboratory tests and radiological examinations are provided 24 hours a day in the fastest possible manner.

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