Biruni University Hospital, which started serving in 2016, is a full-fledged university hospital consisting of 10 floors, with 153 beds and 23 short-stay unit beds. A total of 500 staff, more than 70 physicians, work at Biruni University Hospital, where advanced diagnosis and treatment methods are performed. In addition, the hospital, which provides services in all branches, has an intensive care unit with 63 beds, including five coronary, 26 general and 32 newborns, and six operating rooms.


To be an innovative and leading medical institution considered a reference in our country and the world with its university-based scientific infrastructure and qualified medical service.


To provide world-class patient-oriented health care with our highly responsible staff who can produce information and apply this information in the right place.


Synthesizing a patient-oriented approach at international standards with University dynamism in our healthcare delivery, to be an institution which

is open to development and technology,

constantly measures and improves,

Educates qualified health professionals,

cares about patient and employee satisfaction,

is mobilized to provide a reliable diagnostic, treatment, and care environment to the majority of society.



Service that values people,

Reliable and accessible service,

Respect for Patient Rights and privacy,

Respect for differences, Value judgments,

The value of learning, development, and improvement activities,

Respect for scientific values and knowledge.