Interventional Radiological Treatments and the Diseases in which They are Applied

•          Interventional radiological procedures for brain vascular diseases are usually performed to prevent cerebral hemorrhage and stroke.


•          Treatment of bubbles formed in the vessels of the brain (aneurysm) from the inside of the vessel

•          Blockage of congenital vascular tangles (AVM) in the brain by progressing through the capillaries

•          In the case of a newly emerged stroke, an intervention is made within hours to open a blocked brain vessel

•          Opening of the carotid artery, cerebellum vein stenoses that interfere with brain nutrition or create a risk of stroke through balloons and stents accompanied by protective filters from the inside of the vessel

•          Vascular treatment of disorders caused by nutritional disorders in the feet in people with diabetes (skin changes, bruising, wounds, ulcers)






Interventional Radiological Procedures for Vascular Diseases:

•          Uterine fibroids embolization interventions based on the principle of non-surgical elimination of uterine fibroids located in the uterus in female patients with blockage of blood vessels

•          Balloon and stent opening of blocked veins, especially in patients who have difficulty walking and pain due to stenosis and blockage of leg veins or who have foot wounds

•          Interventional radiological opening of the vessels of the patient with stenosis of the renal vessels and associated highly high blood pressure

•          In case of ballooning of the aorta (aortic aneurysm), the main artery of the body, the vessel is repaired with a particular sheathed stent from the inside of the vessel

•          Radioembolization treatments in which radioactive material is applied with point shot attempts to tumor tissue using similar methods

•          If there is no chance of treatment with surgery for tumors located in the liver, kidney, or lung, you can reach the tumor with a needle through the skin and dry the cancerous tissue using special energy applications (such as radiofrequency, microwave)