Biruni University, founded by the inspiration of the Turkish scientist Abu Reyhan Al-Biruni, who has written his name as a "Universal Genius" in the history of world science, and started to provide education in all branches of health during the 2014-2015 academic year, carries out its scientific identity to the hospital. Biruni University Hospital Florya, which we established to provide international standards of health care to the community, started providing health care on February 1, 2016.

Our faculty, where the most successful candidates of doctors in Turkey are trained, carries the values of our university to the future with its outstanding staff of doctors working in its hospital. Biruni University Hospital, with its expert employees in its field with the vision of being the first institution that comes to mind when it comes to health. Our hospital adds the special close attention it offers to its patients to its professional work approach with its patient-oriented service approach. Aware of the responsibility of being a university hospital, with the knowledge that it carries from tradition to the future, our hospital is moving forward with sure and fast steps to become one of the leading medical institutions in Turkey.

The use of high-tech equipment in the hospital sector is an integral part of modern medical services. However, it is not enough. We accept that it is the invariable rule of successful treatment that patients are comfortable and peaceful physically and spiritually during the treatment process applied in our hospital.

Our hospital, which provides services in all branches with patient-oriented, personalized diagnosis and treatment methods and advanced medical technologies, is working hard to provide better quality health care to the community.

All our efforts are to make the smile on the faces of our patients and their relatives permanent…

We wish you a healthy and high-quality life…