Diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems such as convulsions seen in childhood,  developmental disorders such as growth deficiency seen since the neonatal period, cerebral palsy, muscle diseases, and autism are provided by our experienced academic physician staff in the Department of Pediatric Neurology, Biruni University Hospital.

•          Headache (Migraine Type, Tension Type, Mixed Type)

•          Neurological Monitoring of At-Risk Infants (All Premature Infants)

•          Retardation on the Development Steps (Fine and Gross Motor, Language, and Personal Social Spaces)

•          Hypotonia

•          Febrile Convulsion, Breath Holding Spell, Afebrile Convulsion

•          Epilepsy (Sara's Disease)

•          Cerebral Palsy

•          Mental Retardation

•          Autism Spectrum Disorder

•          Speech Disorders

•          Sleep Disorders

•          Children with Congenital or Later Brain Abnormalities

•          Diseases Involving Muscle and Muscle-Nerve Junction