Pediatric surgery covers all surgical procedures related to children aged 0-18 years from birth to adulthood. In our pediatric surgery department, all diseases requiring surgery are treated with neonatal anomalies known to the child before birth or that have appeared after birth. Biruni University Hospital aims to provide comfortable, painless, and safe recovery of children with its experienced specialists, modern technologies, and appropriate approaches to child psychology. After neonatal surgical procedures, babies are followed up in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is considered a reference center in the region.


•          Laparoscopic-thoracoscopic-endoscopic-cystoscopic interventions

•          Appendicitis and its laparoscopic treatment in children

•          Inguinal hernia, hydrocele, cord cyst

•          Undescended testicle

•          Emergency conditions of the testicles and bags (Acute torsion of the scrotum and testicles)

•          Umbilical Hernia

•          Umbilical Granuloma

•          Wryneck (Torticollis)

o          Intestinal invagination

o          Juvenile Polyposis

o          Anal fissure

•          Constipation and Encopresis in Children

•          Congenital Diseases of the Newborn (Diaphragmatic hernia, Esophageal atresia, Anal and intestinal atresia)

•          Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

•          Circumcision (in newborns and childhood)

•          Tumor surgery (Located in the abdominal and chest cavity)

•          Removal of foreign bodies from the air and digestive tract

•          Diseases related to Pediatric Urology (Hypospadias, vesicoureteral reflux)