1. Giving information
The patient should provide complete and accurate information about current complaints, previous illnesses, whether s/he was hospitalized during these diseases, treatments applied, the medications she uses, and the issues related to their health.
The patient should inform the attending physician about the unexpected changes in their condition during and after treatment.
2.    Following The Recommendations
Our patient is also obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the physician responsible for their treatment and accept the fulfillment of the care plan of the relevant medical personnel under the physician's instructions.
3.    Refusal of Planned Treatment
Our patient is responsible for the consequences if s/he refuses the treatment planned by their doctor.
4.    Compliance with Healthcare Organization Rules
Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of our healthcare organization.
5.    Showing Respect
Our patients are responsible for acting under the precautions and rules that the hospital will take in case of uncomfortable situations such as noise, visitors, and smoke that endanger patients and their relatives in the health facility.
6.    Infection Control
The patient and our relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all the measures recommended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
7.    Responsibility for Payment
Our patients are responsible for paying the examination and treatment costs—patients and relatives who intentionally damage equipment and consumables are responsible for paying for it.
8.    Patient Visitor
It is the responsibility of our patients to accept as few visitors as possible at the same time, not to bring food and drinks, not to use items belonging to other patients, and to comply with hospital visiting hours. Due to the clinical condition of our patients, when it is necessary to apply a visit ban, it should be followed, not insisted on a visit. Visits in some particular treatment areas, such as Intensive Care units, are subject to the permission of the responsible physicians, and the visit rules are applied differently.