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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a specialized unit that provides care to patients whose vital functions are critically impaired to the point of life-threatening risk. When one or more organs fail or do not respond to standard treatments, a physician may recommend admitting the patient to the intensive care unit.

Patients who undergo high-risk surgeries, suffer from conditions such as brain hemorrhage, trauma, sudden stroke, or organ failure are closely monitored in the ICU. Additionally, individuals with severe respiratory failure, progressive muscle and nerve diseases, as well as cases of drowning and poisoning, require special attention and monitoring in the ICU.

The disruption of vital functions necessitates the care of specialized professionals during critical times. Located in Florya, Biruni University Hospital’s intensive care units are staffed with expert teams and equipped with advanced technology, ready to provide service 24/7. With four intensive care units designed to meet different needs, our distinguished academic doctorate staff can simultaneously serve many patients.

The General Intensive Care Unit is where intensive care is provided to patients whose vital functions are compromised to a critical extent. In our hospital, specialized doctors, nurses, and technicians continuously monitor patients using bedside monitors, and in emergency situations, necessary units rapidly come together to provide support. All resources in the General Intensive Care Unit are utilized to help patients return to normal vital parameters as quickly as possible.

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