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Pediatric Health and Diseases

Biruni University Hospital’s Pediatric Health and Diseases Department provides all kinds of diagnostic and treatment services for childhood illnesses with its team of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art facilities equipped with international standards of advanced technology.

In the pediatric health and diseases department of our hospital, all necessary tests are performed, treatments are planned, growth and development are monitored, routine check-ups and vaccinations are administered for children from infancy to adolescence (0-16 years).

Tests and Examinations Conducted in the Pediatric Allergy Department Additionally, at Biruni University Hospital, screening tests are conducted for all newborns, including hearing tests, phenylketonuria, and congenital hip dislocation, to detect diseases early and enable prompt treatment.

Biruni University Hospital Florya Pediatric Health and Diseases Outpatient Clinic is designed with various toys, as well as walls and furnishings with entertaining details and colors, so that children do not feel bored or intimidated in a hospital environment. Our pediatric clinic also includes a diaper changing and breastfeeding room, taking into consideration the comfort of both children and their parents.

Newborn babies born at our hospital are always under the supervision of nurses in the baby observation room immediately after birth and are taken to their mothers under continuous monitoring for 24 hours. Our newborns are discharged with all routine checks and tests conducted by our expert pediatric doctors.

In case of emergencies, our pediatric patients receive immediate intervention through our emergency department and collaboration between our Pediatric Outpatient Clinic doctors.

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