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Orthopedics and Traumatology

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Graduation: Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, 1994 Specialization: Internal Medicine, Istanbul University Health Sciences University (SBU) Haseki Hospital, 1998 Specialization: Gastroenterology, Istanbul University Health Sciences University (SBÜ) Şişli Etfal Hospital, 2007


Associate Professorship: Istanbul University Health Sciences University (SBÜ) Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, 2012 Professorship: Istanbul University Health Sciences University (SBÜ) Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, 2017 Professorship: Biruni University, 2023

Scientific Memberships

  • Turkish Society of Gastroenterology
  • Turkish Liver Society
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Society
  • HEPATO (Hepatology Public Health and Education Association)

Foreign Languages


Medical Fields of Interest

  • • EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound, Pancreas and Liver, Mediastinal Biopsies, Cystogastrostomy…)
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography – Bile Duct Drainage, Stenting Procedures…)
  • Cholangioscopy (Diagnosis and Treatment of Bile Duct Narrowings…)
  • POEM (Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy – Treatment for Achalasia), G-POEM, Z-POEM
  • Gastric Balloon, Gastric Botox • ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection – Excision of Early Stage Premalignant Lesions)
  • Colonoscopy – Polypectomy, Gastroscopy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Liver Cirrhosis, Diagnosis and Follow-up of Fatty Liver
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Medical and Endoscopic Treatments
  • Functional Disorders, IBS, Dyspepsia, Motility, Manometry Procedures


  1. Ozdil K, Calhan T, Sahin A, Kahraman R et al. Levofloxacin Based Sequential and Triple Therapy Compared with Standard Plus Probiotic Combination for Helicobacter Pylori Eradication. 2011 UEGW Stockholm. OP 262 ‘’National Scholar Award’’
  2. Ozdil K, Demirsoy H, Kesici B, et al, “Association of Microscopic Colitis and Focal Active Colitis in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome” 23rd National Gastroenterology Week, November 4-7, 2006, Poster Presentation, 3rd Prize.
  3. Katrinli Ş, Ozdil K, Şahin A, Öztürk O, Kır G, Baykal AT, Saraç ÖS, Sökmen M, Dinler Doğanay G, Doğanay L. Investigation of Damage Pathways in Liver Tissue in Chronic Hepatitis B: A Comparative Proteomic Study. Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology 2015;26 (suppl 1): Oral Presentation 03, p:11. National Gastroenterology Week, Antalya, November 25-29, 2015. 3rd Prize at the National Congress
  4. Kahraman R, Bireller S, Çalhan T, Şahin A, Öztürk O, Çalışkan Z, Sayar S, Doğanay HL, Ozdil K, Çakmakoğlu B. Investigations of the EGF and its receptor EGFR gene variants in ulcerative colitis. XV. Euroasian Congress of Gastroenterology and Surgery, April 27-May 01, 2016, Antalya. Congress Oral Presentation 3rd Prize.
  5. Özel AS, Ünübol B, Özdil K. Prospective Evaluation of Four-Year Follow-up Results of Patients with Hepatitis C Followed up in AMATEM. XVI. National Hepatitis Congress, October 12-15, 2023, Antalya. Congress Oral Presentation 1st Prize.
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